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Not sure if you need to put mulch down around your trees and shrubs? It may be easy to overlook this yard chore, but it is important to keep this on your To-Do list. Here are the top 3 reasons why you should be mulching this spring: 1. Mulch protects Against Heat and Cold Let’s… Read more »

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We’ve heard a lot about prevention these days. Want to prevent heart disease? Exercise and eat healthily. Cold and flu prevention? Take your vitamins, cover your coughs and sneezes, and get a flu shot. And those darn cavities? Prevent them by flossing and brushing daily. It might seem annoying to hear all of these prevention… Read more »

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April is National Lawn Care Month! It should come as no surprise that both Arbor Day and Earth Day fall in April each year. Most people enlist lawn care services for aesthetic purposes or to increase their property’s value. But did you know a healthy lawn can help the environment, too?  Healthy turf improves water… Read more »

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When the snow finally melts, many folks in Rochester and Western New York will discover that the trees and shrubs in their yards have been damaged by deer. You may have tried fencing, home remedies, or deer repellents to keep hungry deer away. Unfortunately, these tactics are not usually effective long-term. If the damage is… Read more »