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Wishing for the snow to melt? Longing for warm sunshine on your face? Hoping the weather will turn so you can finally get out of the house? If you have Cabin Fever, you’re not alone!

So many of us in the Northeast fall into this trap, wishing spring would come so we can enjoy our beautiful green yards once again. But did you know there are ways to enjoy your yard even in the winter? Here are 4 things to do right in your backyard to help you make it through the winter.


  1. Play in the snow


Whether you have kids or not, playing in the snow is serious fun. Try building a snowman, making a fort, or having a snowball fight! These are great ways to get some fresh air, improve your mood, and get a workout, too! Did you know building a snowman can burn 142 calories in just a half hour? Instead of dreading the snow, have some fun in it!


  1. Hang a bird feeder


Bird Feeder


Hanging a bird feeder is a great way to appreciate nature’s beauty even during the winter. You can buy a bird feeder from a local store, or be crafty and build your own bird feeder. Either way, watching a variety of birds come to your feeder will be interesting, enjoyable, and even educational. Try to spend a few minutes each day identifying the different birds that come to eat.


  1. Build a campfire
Winter Campfire


What is the best part about winter campfires? You don’t have to worry about mosquitoes! Pick a warmer winter day (you know, not minus 7 degrees), and one with little wind. Gather around the fire with family and friends. Cook hot dogs and toast marshmallows. Sing songs and tell ghost stories. Or simply relax and become mesmerized while watching the flames. Just don’t forget about fire safety!


  1. Look for animal tracks
Paw Print

Looking for animal tracks is a fun, easy way to pass the time during the winter months. Look in the snow for tracks from deer, rabbits, and even your dog or cat. Use an online tracking guide to identify the prints, or borrow one from the library. For extra fun, make a plaster cast of the tracks you find.


Remember that spending time outdoors and enjoying your yard isn’t limited to the warmer months. Try one or all of these activities to get some fresh air and curb Cabin Fever!

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