Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Yard

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At last, we are on the brink of spring! For most of us in Rochester and Western New York, we can quickly forget the snow and enjoy the warmer spring weather. But before you rev up the lawn mower, take a look around your yard. Chances are, it needs a good Spring Cleaning! Once the… Read more »

Deer Resistant Trees and Shrubs

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When the snow finally melts, many folks in Rochester and Western New York will discover that the trees and shrubs in their yards have been damaged by deer. You may have tried fencing, home remedies, or deer repellents to keep hungry deer away. Unfortunately, these tactics are not usually effective long-term. If the damage is… Read more »

4 Ways to Enjoy Your Yard in the Winter

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Wishing for the snow to melt? Longing for warm sunshine on your face? Hoping the weather will turn so you can finally get out of the house? If you have Cabin Fever, you’re not alone! So many of us in the Northeast fall into this trap, wishing spring would come so we can enjoy our… Read more »

Landscape Salt Damage: Life in the Salt Belt

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  We all know that living in the Salt Belt means cold, snow, and ice, with plenty of rusty and corroded cars! But did you know deicing salt can damage more than just cars?  Deicing salt can damage your turf, trees, and shrubs, too!   Before you start to worry, most people who use deicing… Read more »