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April is National Lawn Care Month! It should come as no surprise that both Arbor Day and Earth Day fall in April each year. Most people enlist lawn care services for aesthetic purposes or to increase their property’s value. But did you know a healthy lawn can help the environment, too? 

Healthy turf improves water quality.

Over the past few decades, we’ve seen an increase of urban and suburban neighborhoods and communities. Because of these developments, there are more paved areas than ever. During a storm, rainwater drains into sewer systems that often dump directly into lakes, rivers, and streams. Compared to a paved area, healthy lawn can absorb most of the runoff, decreasing sedimentation and pollution in these bodies of water!

Healthy turf keeps things cool.

Beat the summer heat with a healthy lawn! It’s way cooler than asphalt or concrete, and it can reduce air temperature by up to 14 degrees Fahrenheit through shading. With cooling effects like that, who needs a swimming pool?

Healthy turf lets us breathe easier.  

We all know that plants give off oxygen, and lawns are no exception. Just 25 square feet of healthy turf provides enough oxygen for an adult human for one whole day!  Help keep balance in the atmosphere by maintaining a healthy lawn.

Now you see why National Lawn Care Month is such a big deal! The beauty and the benefits of a healthy lawn make the maintenance worth it.

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