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This summer’s hot, dry weather has caused drought stress to many lawns and yards in the Greater Rochester Area. If your lawn is brown, dry, crunchy, and thirsty, fall core aeration is a great way to bring it back to health!

What exactly is aeration?

Aeration is the process of removing soil cores from your lawn. These soil cores are roughly a half inch in diameter and two to three inches in length. They are deposited above the thatch layer and dissolve during watering and rainfall.

What is thatch?

Thatch is the layer above the turf that is made up of dead grass roots and stems. Thatch makes it difficult for water, nutrients, fertilizer, and pest controls to reach the roots of the grass. Once the soil cores begin to dissolve, they mix with the thatch, helping it to decompose and preventing future buildup.

Why is aeration important?

The holes left from the soil cores allow water, nutrients, fertilizer, and pest controls to reach the grass roots more easily. The grass roots grow towards the holes, getting greener and thicker along the way. They will also grow deeper, making them sturdier and stronger. Aeration also battles compacted soil. Remember your busy summer? Your turf has been busy, too. Heavy traffic from picnics, playing in the yard, and mowing presses down on the soil, making it hard and compacted. The handful of downpours we’ve had this summer have also played a role in compressing the soil. The soil is loosened up when the turf is aerated.

When is the right time to aerate?

Fall is the perfect time to aerate your lawn. Hot summers can be tough on turf. Many lawns in Rochester have at least some brown, crunchy, damaged areas. Rainfall has been on and off this summer, but whether it’s rain or water from a sprinkler, soil can become at least moderately compacted. By aerating in the fall, the best possible nourishment is provided as we head into winter, allowing your turf to thrive next spring.

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