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When thinking about their yards, a lot of people tend to focus most of their attention on the lawn, and forget about trees and shrubs. This is totally understandable – lawns require more maintenance, like regular mowing. They also show signs of stress more easily, like browning during a drought. However, if we want an all-around healthy yard, trees and shrubs must not be forgotten. Deep root feeding is a wonderful way to encourage tree and shrub health and improve resistance to disease and insect attacks.

What is Deep Root Feeding?

Deep root feeding is a way to get nutrients to the roots of a tree or shrub. Because trees and shrubs have deeper root systems than grass, we cannot simply spread fertilizer across the surface. Using professional equipment, liquid fertilizer is injected directly into the root zone of each specific tree or shrub so that the plant food is easily absorbed.

Why is Deep Root Feeding Important?

Feeding your trees and shrubs the right diet can produce increased flowering, and it can provide better resistance to disease and insect attacks. A properly nourished tree or shrub can also recover from summer drought stress better and has a much better chance getting through the harsh Rochester winters. Even if your plant isn’t showing signs of distress, it can still benefit from deep root feeding – prevention is the best medicine!

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