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For homeowners and lawn enthusiasts, fairy rings (sometimes called fairy circles) are not magical nor good luck as the name implies. Instead, fairy rings are an annoyance that requires a little extra time and attention to control.

What is a Fairy Ring?

Fairy rings are identified by a circle of lush, dark green grass, ranging from just a couple feet in diameter to as large as 20 feet. Oftentimes, mushrooms pop up around the ring as well. And sometimes, depending on the type of fairy ring, only mushrooms – not the darker grass – appear.

Why Does My Lawn Have a Fairy Ring?

Fairy rings can sprout up for a few different reasons. Warm and wet weather conditions can be a factor, as well as changing weather, such as going from warm and wet weather to hot and dry. Organic material in the soil, like an old tree trunk beneath the surface, can also be the cause. It’s hard to say for sure what causes these pesky circles, but we do know that they occur more often in under-watered and poorly fertilized lawns.

How Can I Get Rid of Fairy Rings?

Fairy rings can be hard to treat as there is not a 100% cure. The easiest way to manage fairy rings is to rake away any mushrooms. Remember to wear gloves and wash your hands afterwards, since some mushroom varieties are poisonous. Maintaining your lawn with appropriate watering and fertilizing, as well as regular mowing, can also improve the overall health of your turf and reduce the chances of infection and other diseases.

Fairy rings can be pesky to control, but find peace of mind knowing that they do not usually impact the overall health of your lawn. A little extra work is often all it takes to get these circles to blend in with the rest of your grass.
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