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Your neighbors trust us with their lawn and you should too! Here are a few recent testimonials.

I have used One Step Tree and Lawncare for several years. My lawn looks like a carpet! I have pets and I love that natural options exist that allow me a beautiful lawn without adding chemicals to my yard. They ALWAYS call in advance and are very quick to accommodate for parties that you may have planned. We value our summertime "extra room" and use it to the max, thanks to One Step, it always looks great!!!

— Theresa, Rochester

Technician is the best! So knowledgable, attentive and hardworking.

— Kelly, Webster

I love what you do for my lawn! It looks like a carpet. No weeds! No dandelions! What a difference!

— Pat, North Chili

I am very happy with your service. I feel like I am getting a good value for my money.

— Bob, Fairport

My lawn looks the best in the neighborhood.

— Robert, Webster