Disease Control

One Step provides effective prevention and treatment for a variety of lawn diseases that can affect our area’s turf. Count on One Step to provide you with timely service and advice to combat lawn diseases and get your lawn green and healthy again.

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Common Turf Diseases We offer treatment for:

Rust: Look for thin, weakened turf that appears covered with an orange-red or yellow powdery dust.

Dollar Spot: On closely mowed turf, look for a collection of silver dollar sized, tannish brown to whitish spots. Turf will appear speckled or mottled. On residential turf, look for a collection of 1 inch to 6 inch diameter bleached white patches.

Red Thread (or Pink Patch): Look for coral-pink to red fungus strands that may be seen on leaves and leaf sheaths binding leaves together. Affected turf areas are usually more or less circular and vary from 2 to 15 inches in diameter. When dry, the pink strands resemble red threads. The infected leaf first appears water-soaked, but rapidly dies, becoming light tan. Leaves, and often the sheaths, are killed.

Snow Mold: Where snow mold has been active, the turf commonly develops rough circular spots of matted, silver-gray turf. Often these spots are so numerous that an entire area may be disfigured. The trouble is most likely to be seen on the shaded side of a building, in the shade of trees and shrubs, or similar areas where moisture remains for a long time in late winter.