Insect Control & Management

There are several turf damaging insects common to lawns in our area. These unwelcome visitors feed on your lawn in one way or another, and may cause a significant amount of damage in the process if left unchecked. Even in a very healthy lawn, some insects may appear from time to time. Our goal is to keep your lawn as healthy and free of damaging pests as possible.

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Who’s Bugging You?

White Grubs are the insect that is of primary concern for most homeowners. These troublesome insects work to destroy your turf by feeding on the root system of your grass. A proactive approach to their control appears to work the best. The Natural Care Program, with the addition of Guaranteed Grub Control, calls for the selective use of control materials to keep your lawn free of these pests. The key to effective control is proper inspection, material selection and correct timing of application. The timing for effective grub control ranges from Early June to Late October depending on the product selected. Merit and Dylox are the most commonly used materials.

Careful Inspection & Treatment

This unique approach to solving your pest problems relies heavily on the skill of the technician with respect to proper inspection and diagnosis of the potential problem areas. Our system of careful inspection and treatment does take more time, but it may eliminate the unnecessary use of many pest control products. And as your lawn develops and improves, these carefully-controlled applications may be able to be reduced even further. Our goal is to deliver consistently outstanding lawn care results, with as little use of pest control products as possible without sacrificing quality.

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