Soil Analysis & Management

Nearly everything that lawns use - water, nutrients, and even air - enter the plant through the soil. The condition of the soil and its ability to support plant life is very important in maintaining a strong healthy stand of grass. Overlooking the health of the soil can lead to inefficient use of lawn care products, as well as your money. The Natural Care approach to lawn care includes tending to the soil. It’s important to help the soil “come alive” so that it can provide the best possible growing environment for your lawn.

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Contrary to what you might think, all soils are not the same. Soil types and textures may vary from town to town, street to street, even from the back yard to the front. A complete soil test provides a clear, scientific picture of two key qualities of your soil: whether you soil is alkaline or acidic, and exactly what elements your soil contains and in what amounts. From these results we can design a program specific to your lawn's nutritional needs. In addition to nutrient requirements, a good soil test will reveal the pH of the soil. If the pH is too low or too high, you may not be receiving the full benefits of your lawn care program. Should this be the case for you, rest assured that your area representative will be talking with you about the best remedy for the problem. When growing quality turf, tending to the needs of soil makes good sense.