Tree & Shrub Care Programs

One Step offers unrivaled tree and shrub care programs tailored to the needs of our clients and their landscape. We are familiar with every variety of tree and shrub our area offers. Whether the job calls for preventing tree damage and loss due to insects and diseases or fertilizing your shrubs to increase growth and stimulate flower production, One Step is the right choice for local tree and shrub care.

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What to Expect

Every home landscape is unique, so there is no standard Tree & Shrub Care program. Our first step involves monitoring tree and shrub health. This allows problems to be detected and managed before they become serious. The monitoring may be as simple as annual visits to check on a few special trees in your landscape, or it may involve more frequent quarterly or monthly inspections of all your trees and shrubs.

Second, if problems or potential problems are detected or anticipated during a monitoring visit, One Step will develop solutions. The solution could be a simple change in your lawn irrigation schedule—many trees are kept too moist—or more detailed suggestions, such as pruning or spot applications of pesticides.

One Step will give you information about your trees and shrubs to ensure that decisions are made that address your concerns and are appropriate to your landscape budget and goals.